Friday, December 16, 2016

December Happenings

As if Christmas time wasn't crazy enough, we have had so much going on with life in general. 
Adam started basketball practice, and is looking forward to games starting in a couple of weeks. 

Daddy took a business trip and traveled to Ohio, Virginia, and Florida. He got to see the Kirtland Temple and Williamsburg while he was gone. 
Our singing snow people still bring hours of entertainment for the kids. 
Mommy's grocery shopping trips have led to some very late nights. 
Caleb helped put groceries away on afternoon and spotted the ice cream. I didn't have the energy to fight him when he insisted on having it for lunch. 
One of our service activities was making hot chocolate and taking it to our mail carriers. 
Cute Adam still sleeps in his Santa hat. 

Tessa finished up her last week of ice skating. She passed off level 2!

Tessa was also thrilled to get a Pen Pal! 
Tessa and Mommy got to spend a morning out together. We decided to go to a book signing by Al Caraway. Tessa was excited to meet Al and begged me for her own copy of Al's book. Al was so nice to Tessa and talked to her for a minute and signed her book.

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