Friday, December 16, 2016

Geography Bee

Last week, Adam and Tessa competed in their class Geography Bee's. Tessa came in 3rd place for her class and Adam won his class competition. He went on to compete against all the other winners in the school. Grades 4-9 competed after the class competitions.

He was nervous and excited. I think I was way more nervous than he was. 
Adam did an amazing job and came in 2nd place!!! He and the 7th grader who won, were caught in a tie and it came down to their 4th tie breaker question about snow leopards. Adam was so pleased with his effort and we were incredibly proud of him! He said he was kind of glad he didn't take first place because he was afraid he would be too nervous to compete on a state level. 

He got this awesome medal and a great certificate for his scrapbook!

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